Cranky Opinionated Old Bastards

Some time ago someone suggested that I was an “Opinionated Old Bastard”. After much deliberation I decided that it might ( I repeat might ) be true. Having retired at 70 years of age when I sold my business. I went from 12 hours a day 7 days a week

Is Scott Morrison Trying to Start the Boats Coming Again

Is Scott Morrison trying to start the boats coming again? It would be politically advantageous for the LNP to start the flood of refugees coming by boat. So this needs to happen before the next federal election. Listen to Kristina Keneally she puts it in perspective.

Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ?

Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ? I have been reading about the benefits of fasting recently. I found of particularly  interest the concept of intermittent fasting. Having everything to gain and nothing to lose (except another 30 kg) I decided to give it a try. Its easy