Back on Track !!

Well its official !!   at least as far as I am concerned Calorie Creep occurs very easily.  I had been blaming the dreaded weight loss plateau for the non movement of the scales. I checked over what I was eating and I was over my target and what is more it happened very easily. AsRead More

Weight Loss Plateau can Destroy Motivation

In my opinion staying motivated while losing weight is the key to success.  So when you weigh yourself and see the results of your efforts in the scales it is exciting and motivates you to carry on with your eating plan. How often do you weigh yourself. How often to weigh yourself is a matterRead More

Taste is King !!!

In my opinion taste is king. If it does not taste good then I don’t want to eat it. This explains why lettuce leaf type diets dont work, I mean do not misunderstand me I like lettuce but I could not live on it. Here is a fantastic Great tasting Recipe which is highly nutritiousRead More

My Progress so far

I decided that I must do this on Friday 18th April 2014 I have adopted a combination of weight watchers points and counting calories. I am counting all fruit and vegetables. Whilst I have said I am using Weight Watchers its only because its an easier way to count the food intake. What I amRead More