I hate feeling cheated !

I absolutely hate feeling cheated so when it happens involving a business I had accepted as a ethical one I am shocked. The people concerned are called Lite N Easy and they are a weight loss pre prepared food supplier. I have been using them for several months and recently

Disqualified from Driving Needs to be Enforced

Disqualified Drivers Involved in Crashes There have been many fatal accidents on our roads. And it seems that more than a few of these involve disqualified drivers.  Sometimes the news reports that a person involved was disqualified and had been in court before for driving whilst disqualified. Yesterday 6th February

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved. I recently installed Fetch Mighty in place of Foxtel. I was having annoying sound issues mainly that when using my head phones I was getting sound on most channels but as soon as I switched to a Movie or to Netflix I was getting No

What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ?

What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ? Most seriously over weight people have a fair amount of weight  to lose. In my own case when I started out I needed to lose 63 kg.  Often when we seem to work so hard at it we just lose a